Friday, August 28, 2015


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Guides and Prompts from Issue 65

Love Issue

You're in love.  You wake in the morning and the first thought is of your beloved.  And, your last thought at night is lover.  Then the inexplicable happens.  You are separated, maybe by family, maybe by work, maybe war.  It doesn’t matter the cause.  What matters is the separation, how to endure it.  What matters is how to make contact.  What matters is being together again.

In Edwidge Danticat's short story, CHILDREN OF THE SEA, a young Haitian revolutionary on a small boat headed for Miami, and his lover, a young woman left behind in war-torn Haiti, narrate the story by writing letters that they cannot mail, but appeases their loneliness while they are away from each other.

Your father will probably marry you off now, since I am gone.  Whatever you do, please don't marry a soldier.  They're almost not human.
haiti est comme tu l'as laisse.  yes, just the way you left it.  bullets day and night.  same hole.  same everying.  i'm tired of the whole mess.  i get so cross and irritable.  i pass the time by chasing roaches around the house.  i pound my heel on their heads.  they make me so mad.  everything makes me mad.  i am cramped inside all day.... we have our whole lives ahead of us.  you used to say that, remember? but then again things were so very different then.

In 450 words or less, write a love story utilizing letter writing and two narrators. Post it in comments or send to Cairo Room